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Leader and Officer Status

Uniquisher FounderEM posted Feb 5, 15
Here's the current roster for our Voxel Buster staff.
If you've been accepted into the club, message an Officer or Leader in-game to receive your Club invite!

Leaders:   Comply, Stedms, and Smeeshy
Officers:   Shouri, Ds7s, Fizzinc, Querty, and Froe

Feel free to throw us an in-game whisper or an Enjin message if you have any questions or concerns!

Voxel Busters Fashion Show!

Smeeshy Leader posted Sun at 21:47

Hey everyone!

We’re planning on running a Fashion Show event on the 22nd of July 10 PM EDT (Countdown Link)

Shouri will be hosting the event on his Live Stream with an assortment of Voxel Busters leaders and officers! Make sure to join us in the VB club world if you're interested in participating!

Event Specifics:

The contest will be open for all Trovians who are interested in participating and each person taking part in the contest will choose a set of styles (costumes, hats, masks, weapons etc.) that fits the theme in a creative way. We’ll be announcing the categories shortly before we prepare the stage for each of the themes so make sure to put your best thinking caps on!

The contest will last approximately two hours, and will include four different fashion categories. You may participate in any number of the events, but will only be viable for prizes within the categories you have entered.

Each category will have a 1st, 2nd, and 3rd place winner, chosen by our panel of esteemed judges. Category themes will be announced at the start of the contest! Prizes will include Chaotic Cruisers, 30 day Patron passes, and Collector’s Packs!


The general rules for the contest are that everyone should try to conduct themselves in a orderly fashion. As a warning we reserve the right to /kick anyone who is being disruptive to the event.

As a general list:

  • Wait your turn to show off your styles!
  • Be courteous to others in the contest
  • Have fun!

Voxel Busters Spring Giveaway!

Smeeshy Leader posted Mar 31, 17

Hey guys! Spring is officially here and we are celebrating by giving away some codes! We are going to host the giveaway through Gleam and we will roll 3 winners. Each winner will receive 3 codes: 1 code for Siramis, Spring's Renewal, 1 code for Weyrfir, Winter's Rest, and 1 code for Alduir, Autumn's Retreat! All 3 of these mounts were created by our very own Fizzinc!

The giveaway will run from April 1st through April 15th. We will post the winners on this thread. Good luck to all!

You can find the link to enter the giveaway in the Club Events section of the forums! :) 

Voxel Busters Showcase Video

Smeeshy Leader posted Mar 30, 17

Hey guys! As you can probably guess, we all love the world that Voxel Busters has become. TobiShinobi has put together this video to showcase the Voxel Busters world and it turned out pretty awesome. Check it out! :) 

Hey guys! In honor of St. Patrick's Day we are going to be running a giveaway through Gleam for some in-game items! The giveaway will open for entries on March 1st, 2017 and will run through St. Patrick's Day. We will then roll a winner and post the winner on this thread. The winner will need to contact an officer or leader in game to claim their prize!

Our items are themed around the color green for St. Patty's Day! We have a 30 day Patron Pass, Kami of Forlorn Forest, and an Accursed Arachnid! One winner will win the pack of items. Let's see if you have the luck of the Irish and can win some pretty awesome stuff! Make your friends green with envy!

You can find the link to enter the giveaway in the Club Events section of the forums! :) 

Shadow's Eve Costume Contest

Meowsifer Architect posted Oct 18, 16

Shadow's Eve Costume Contest

Hello boys and ghouls! It's October, and we all know what that means - black cats, creepy masks, and a cavity worth of candy! To help celebrate all things spooky and weird, Voxel Busters will be hosting our annual Shadow's Eve costume contest. For this event, we want to see your best Halloween getups! We'll have tons of goodies to pass out for prizes, so check out the details below to find out how you can enter.

How do I enter?

Head to the Voxel Busters club world and take the yellow portal to check out our spooky builds. Each scene has multiple vantage points, so find a cozy spot to settle in, and then snap those screenshots! You may only post one entry per scene, but you can enter all four if you are using a different setup (no repeat costumes!) Post your screenshots in this thread to enter!

  • This event will last from October 16th to November 1st
  • Entries are open to the entire Trove community
  • Choose from four scenes/categories to take the perfect screenshot
  • Only one entry per scene. Four entries max, with differing costumes/styles
  • Using mods is totally acceptable! Please link a source for the mod in the post
  • Post your screenshots here to officially enter

We'll be giving out dozens of prizes, including Costume Mystery Boxes and Shadow's Eve Chaos Chest exclusive mounts!


Thanks for entering, everyone! Please whisper any Voxel Busters leader or officer in game to claim your prize!
Congratulations to the winners!

Dead and Breakfast

1st Place - Scrunchi
2nd Place - Ainogommon
3rd Place - QuertyPwns
Honorable Mention - Cyndaquilmouse

Pumpkin Patch

1st Place - Wontons
2nd Place - giziyo
3rd Place - Bobfisnhkins23
Honorable Mention - Dnsjthegamer

Creepy Corridor

1st Place - Ixion
2nd Place - Thunder214
3rd Place - Inanna
Honorable Mention - PowerDj

Hellish Hideaway

1st Place - CrimsonViper
2nd Place - Torrentia
3rd Place - Sans
Honorable Mention - DrNinja

Participation Roll